About us

Welcome to Weeklyeat, where we proudly embody our motto "It's Local It's You" in every delectable dish we serve. As a marketplace dedicated exclusively to connecting small, local restaurants with their communities, we celebrate the unique flavors that resonate with your neighborhood's identity. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to make affordable, mouthwatering menus easily accessible to everyone, reflecting the essence of your community and its talented local chefs.

"It's Local It's You" serves as a guiding principle in our approach to curating a diverse array of culinary delights. Each dish on our user-friendly platform carries the unmistakable imprint of the neighborhood it represents, whether it's the traditional family recipes passed down through generations or the innovative creations inspired by the cultural tapestry that surrounds us. By supporting these exceptional local eateries, you become an essential part of the story, a culinary ambassador connecting with the heart and soul of your community.

When you place an order with Weeklyeat, you embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends mere food delivery. It's a celebration of your community's rich culinary heritage, a testament to the passion and artistry of local chefs who pour their hearts into each creation. Our commitment to sustainability echoes the values of your community and creates a bond between local businesses and residents.

Let "It's Local It's You" be your invitation to savor the flavors that define your community, as you partake in the sumptuous offerings that carry the spirit of your neighborhood. Embrace the joy of knowing that every bite supports small local restaurants and fosters a thriving local economy, where opportunity and prosperity flourish. Together, let's revel in the culinary magic that brings us closer, making Weeklyeat not just a marketplace but a culinary community that celebrates the heart and soul of every neighborhood we serve.