Privacy policy

Effective: July 8th, 2023
Updated: July 9th, 2023

A. About Weeklyeat and this Privacy Policy

Weeklyeat and its group companies (collectively, "Weeklyeat," "we," "us," or "our") are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. Weeklyeat is a technology company that connects individuals with the finest small restaurant establishments in their local areas, facilitating convenience and simplicity. This, in turn, creates fresh opportunities for people to earn, work, and thrive.


This Privacy Policy ("Policy") elucidates our handling (e.g., collection, usage, disclosure, and protection) of personal information when we act as a Controller (as defined below). This Policy pertains to personal information concerning: (i) individuals who are registered users or subscribers of our Services ("Users"); (ii) individuals who are not Users but receive Gifts (including one-time orders, meal plan orders, gift cards, or similar items) through our Services, receive Referrals from Users, or visit our platforms and communicate with us ("Non-Users"); (iii) individuals who are non-Weeklyeat independent contractors contributing to Weeklyeat's corporate and administrative operations ("Non-Weeklyeat Independent Contractors"); (iv) individuals who are affiliated with companies having a business relationship with Weeklyeat, allowing them to provide their products or services to Users (e.g., restaurants, stores, or other businesses) ("Merchants") and whose personal information is processed in connection with the relationship between Weeklyeat and the relevant Merchant ("Merchant Personnel"); and (v) individuals who are affiliated with vendors, service providers, or other parties whose services Weeklyeat utilizes to deliver its Services (excluding Merchants) and conduct its business activities ("Service Provider Personnel") and whose personal information is processed in connection with the relationship between Weeklyeat and the applicable Service Provider.


When we process personal information as a processor, our actions are subject to the instructions received from the relevant Controller. In such cases, this Policy does not apply. The term "Controller" refers to the individual or entity that, either alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and methods of personal information processing.


This Policy encompasses all Weeklyeat platforms (e.g., websites, apps, etc.) containing a link to this Policy, including, but not limited to, and the relevant Weeklyeat User, Weeklyeat Merchant, Weeklyeat Drivers mobile app. The term "Services" refers to the services offered by Weeklyeat on or through these platforms.


If you are a User, your access to and utilization of our Services are governed by our Terms and Conditions, which define several terms used in this Policy. Before using our Services, please ensure that you have thoroughly read and understood the Terms and Conditions. By using our Services, you accept the Terms and Conditions, acknowledge, agree, and fully comprehend our privacy practices outlined in this Policy. If you are uncomfortable with any part of this Policy or our Terms and Conditions, refrain from accessing or using our Services.


If you are Merchant Personnel, your relationship with us is also subject to the relevant contractual agreement(s) (e.g., Merchant Terms of Service or Merchant MSA) between the respective Merchant and Weeklyeat.


If you are Service Provider Personnel, your relationship with us is also subject to the contractual agreement(s) between the relevant Service Provider and Weeklyeat.


If you are a Non-Weeklyeat Independent Contractor, your relationship with us is also subject to the appropriate contractual agreement(s) entered into between you and Weeklyeat or, if applicable, between Weeklyeat and the agency or company engaging you as an independent contractor.


This Policy does not apply to drivers who deliver orders through our Services ("Drivers"). To access the privacy policy for Drivers, please refer to the Driver Privacy Policy.


B. Processing of Personal Information Covered Under this Policy




B2. Collection of Personal Information


When you utilize our Services, we may gather personal information concerning you. The categories or types of personal information we may gather about you include:


B3. Information Provided Directly by You


You may supply us with your personal information when using our Services, such as during registration with Weeklyeat, searching within or placing orders through our Services, reaching out to us with inquiries, engaging with our chatbot or similar technology on the platforms or Services, participating in surveys, or accessing and utilizing our Services in any other way. This information may consist of:


  • - Personal Identifiers and Records Information – We may gather and process data like your name, nickname, email address, mailing or delivery address, account name, phone number, signature, date of birth, or other comparable identifiers.
  • - Biometric Information – We may process biometric data such as facial recognition, voiceprints, or similar information.
  • - Transactional/Commercial Information – When you make an order through our Services, we collect information related to that order, including items purchased, special instructions, order date and time, subtotal, photos you provide to Weeklyeat, or other purchasing or consumption history.
  • - Financial Account or Payment Information – We collect payment information such as the name of your bank, payment method, or other financial details. Our payment processor collects and processes payment information for transactions made on or through the Services. We receive limited information about your payment card from our payment processor, such as the last four digits and expiration date.
  • - Survey Response Data – We conduct surveys among participating Users to gather insights and enhance our Services. The survey responses may include information related to consumer activity, service usage, health and medical information, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, family relationships, etc.
  • - Identification Documentation – In specific situations, we may collect identification documents (e.g., driver's license, state or federal identification card, passport) to verify identity and age, particularly when delivering age-restricted products.
  • - Access Credential Information – As part of your User account, we process your username, password, unique User identification number, etc.
  • - Loyalty Account Information – If you participate in loyalty programs offered by Merchants through our Services, we may process loyalty account information.
  • - Sensory Information – Images, photos, and videos that you upload or submit to us in connection with the Services, such as a profile photo or videos of your Weeklyeat experience.
  • - Employment and Professional Information – If you place orders through our Services for delivery to your workplace or on behalf of your employer, we may collect employment or professional-related information from or about you.
  • - Sensitive Data or Sensitive Personal Information – As defined by applicable data protection and privacy laws, this may include precise geolocation, social security number, driver's license, state identification card or passport number, racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, mental or physical health diagnosis, sexual orientation, or citizenship. We only use or disclose sensitive data or sensitive personal information for purposes that are reasonably expected by an average consumer, for security and legal reasons, with your consent, and/or as permitted by applicable law.


B4. Information Received Through Communications


When using our Services, completing electronic forms, communicating with Weeklyeat, and Weeklyeat Drivers, or contacting us via online chat, email, phone, or text, we may automatically collect and store certain information about you and your interactions. This information may include your name, contact information, order details, voluntary information provided by you, the nature and content of your communication, the purpose of the interaction, and our response to your inquiry or request.


B5. Automatically Collected Information


We may also automatically collect and store certain information about you and your devices when you access or use our platforms and Services, including our websites and


engaging with our online chat functionality. This collection may involve the use of cookies and similar technologies, as described in Section C (Cookies and Similar Technologies) of this Policy. The information collected may include:


  • - Technical Information – We collect technical information associated with your activity on our platforms and Services, such as browser and operating system details, IP address, unique device identifiers, personal and online identifiers, device type, and app version.
  • - Usage Information – This may include the webpage you visited before accessing our platforms and Services, the pages or features you interacted with on our platforms and Services, and the duration of your visit.
  • - Platform Preferences – We gather information about your preferences to enhance your user experience on our platforms and Services.


B6. Location Information


When using the Services, we may collect and store general location information, such as your IP address. Additionally, if you allow the Services to access location services through your mobile operating system or browser permissions, we may collect and store the precise location of your device when our apps are active in the foreground or background. This information may be utilized to facilitate address selection for deliveries, provide accurate order deliveries, offer location-based recommendations for Merchants, improve your user experience, and enhance our services. You can choose to enable or disable the location tracking feature through your device settings or our mobile apps. Disabling the feature may affect certain aspects of your use of our Services, such as the accuracy of deliveries by Weeklyeat Drivers who rely on location information from your device.


B7. Information Related to Referral Programs or Gifts


Weeklyeat enables Users to send Gifts or invite others to sign up for our Services through Referrals. When setting up and sending a Gift or Referral, we process information regarding you and the recipient. This includes the names of both the sender and recipient, the recipient's contact information, details of the Gift or Referral (e.g., content, redemption status, recipient's progress), and any accompanying messages. By providing personal information about a recipient, you confirm that you have obtained their consent for you and Weeklyeat to process their personal information for the disclosed purposes (including sending messages, if applicable). As a user, if someone sends you a Gift, we process your information to set up and deliver the Gift, track it for our Gifting program, and for other purposes stated in this Policy.


B8. Information Collected from Social Media Accounts


You have the option to enable or log in to our Services using various online services, including social networking platforms like Facebook and Google. Our Services may also grant you access to Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, directly or indirectly through our Services.


When you link a Social Network account to our platforms or log in to our platforms using your Social Network account, we may collect relevant personal information to enable access to that Social Network and the associated information. Any sharing of personal information from or by your Social Network is subject to the privacy policy and notices of the Social Network, as well as any consent you have provided to the Social Network.


B9. Information Collected about Users from Market Enrichment Partners


We may obtain certain demographic information about or associated with you from market enrichment partners. This information helps us gain a better understanding of your consumer habits, thereby improving our Services and marketing campaigns.


B10. Information Collected from Advertising Partners and Analytics Providers


In certain marketing and advertising campaigns, we may collect and process information from our advertising partners and analytics providers. This information is linked or associated with you and relates to your interaction with our campaigns.


B11. Information Collected from Business Partners


We may collect personal information from business partners in connection with co-branded product offerings.


B12. Information Collected from Payment Providers


We may collect or receive limited personal information from payment providers in connection with processing transactions or orders through our Services.


C. Use of Your Personal Information


We may utilize the information we collect about you for various purposes, as explained below.


C1. Provision of Services


We use your information to deliver the Services to you. For instance, we utilize credit card information to process transactions, address information to facilitate deliveries by Weeklyeat drivers, and information to process Gifts or Referrals. In providing the Services, we may share your information with relevant parties to facilitate service delivery, such as Merchants or Weeklyeat drivers. We enter into contractual agreements with these parties to protect your information.


C2. Maintenance and Improvement of Platforms and Services


We use your information for our day-to-day business operations, including auditing, administration, analytics, debugging, research and development, and quality control. This helps us improve the content, functionality, and overall user experience of the Services. We analyze trends in service usage and aggregate user data to enhance and optimize our offerings to Weeklyeat and Merchants.


C3. Communication with You


We communicate with you using the provided information. This includes sending notifications about orders and delivery status. We may also contact you with promotional offers or other relevant communications.


When you contact us, we use the information to respond to your inquiries and assist you with any issues related to the Services. For direct messages to Weeklyeat drivers, we may employ third-party service providers for monitoring and analysis purposes, ensuring compliance with our Terms and Conditions, and fraud prevention. This involves the real-time collection and storage of message data, such as date, time, phone number, and content. If you do not agree with message monitoring, please refrain from sending messages to Weeklyeat drivers.


C4. Account and Network Security


We prioritize your security while using our Services. Processing your personal information, including device information and activity data, helps us combat spam, malware, and security risks. We implement security measures, monitor and verify identities, and safeguard against unauthorized access.


C5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance


As per legal requirements, we process personal information to fulfill tax obligations, manage business risks, and maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


C6. Enforcement of Agreements and Policies


To ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and policies, we actively monitor, investigate, and prevent prohibited activities on our Services. This involves processing personal information, investigating violations, and enforcing agreements with third parties and business partners.


C7. Protection of Users, Others, and Business


We employ your information to safeguard users, prevent fraud, enforce our Terms and Conditions, comply with legal obligations, and protect the security of our business operations.


C8. Marketing and Personalization


In addition to marketing and advertising activities described in this Policy, we engage in the following:


  • - Look-alike Modeling: We use personal information and third-party cookies or similar technologies to develop audience insights and look-alike models for marketing campaigns on third-party platforms.
  • - Audience Insights/Ad Measurement: Personal and transactional information collected from you and your use of the Services is used to gather audience insights and measure ad effectiveness. We may share this information with service providers and business partners for ad insight reporting and to enhance marketing campaigns.
  • - Cross-context Behavioral Advertising: We may engage in targeted marketing based on your personal information across different branded websites, applications, or services, solely on behalf of Weeklyeat and for the benefit of our Services.


We also personalize your experience by tailoring content, features, advertisements, marketing communications, and recommendations based on your interests.


C9. Other Business Purposes


We may use your information for any other purpose disclosed to you at the time of collection or with your consent.


D. Disclosure of Personal Information


We may disclose your personal information, as described in Sections A & B, of this Policy, to third parties as outlined below.


D1. Service Providers, Contractors, or Third Parties


We may share your information with service providers and contractors to assist in providing specific business services, such as payment processing, advertising, marketing, web analytics, data processing, IT services, and customer support. These entities may access your personal information to perform services on our behalf.


We may also share your information with third parties for marketing and advertising activities, including cross-context behavioral advertising. These activities are conducted on behalf of Weeklyeat and its Services.


D2. Delivery Partners, Merchants, or Other Users


To facilitate our delivery services, we provide your information, including limited personal details (e.g., first and last names, address, phone number), and order details to our delivery partners (Weeklyeat Drivers) responsible for completing your requested deliveries. Similarly, we share information with Merchants to facilitate deliveries, including your order details. Depending on the delivery service (Weeklyeat Drivers or Merchant delivery), some personal information (e.g., name, address, phone number) may be shared. If you participate in a Merchant Loyalty Program and connect your Weeklyeat account, we may share the information you provide to Weeklyeat with Merchants.


D3. Group Companies


For business purposes, we may disclose your information to our group companies. These entities are required to comply with the terms of this Policy regarding the use of your information.


Weeklyeat and its group companies may share certain functionalities, such as a unified login experience where users of both applications use a single username and password.


D4. Social Networks


When linking or connecting your User account(s) with our Services to your Social Network, we may share specific information with the Social Network operator to facilitate your use of that platform. The collection, use, storage, and disclosure of your information by Social Networks are governed by their own policies. Please note that your usage of Social Network features is subject to the policies of the respective Social Networks.


D5. Disclosure as Required or Permitted by Law


We may be obligated to disclose your personal information to third parties, including law enforcement agencies, when necessary to protect and defend our legal rights, ensure the safety and security of our users, prevent fraud, comply with the law, respond to legal process, or cooperate with government entities.


D6. Corporate Transactions


In the context of any sale, merger, acquisition, restructure, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or similar transaction involving all or part of our business, assets, or stock (including bankruptcy or similar proceedings), we may disclose your personal information to prospective buyers, sellers, advisers, or partners. Your personal data may be transferred as an asset in such a business transaction.


D7. Co-Branded Products & Services


We may share your personal information with companies offering co-branded products or services, such as a co-branded Weeklyeat credit card. As part of the co-branding program, we may receive compensation. These companies are restricted from using your personal information for purposes other than providing and administering these co-branded products and services.


D8. Individuals to Whom You Send a Gift or Referral


When you send a Gift or Referral to another person (User or Non-User), certain personal information about you, such as name, email address, personal message (if applicable), and User account profile picture (if any), will be included in the communication.


D9. With Your Consent or at Your Direction


We may share your information with third parties when we have your consent or at your direction.


D10. Professional Services Organizations


In conducting our business activities and exercising our rights, we may disclose your personal information to professional services organizations.




In relation to our Services, we may process personal information about individuals who are not Users, which can occur when a User sends a Gift to a Non-User, sends a Referral to a Non-User, or when a Non-User visits our platforms or Services (e.g., visiting or communicates with us (e.g., sending us an email through the contact information available on our platforms). When we process personal information in connection with a Gift or Referral, the User is responsible for ensuring that they have the consent or approval of the Non-User for both the User and Weeklyeat to process the Non-User's personal information. By submitting the Non-User's personal information to us, the User certifies that they have received or obtained such consent or approval. Please note the following: (i) if you participate in a Weeklyeat Referral program, we will disclose your personal information and activity in connection with the Referral to the User who referred you; (ii) for Referrals, the User setting up the communication determines the timing, channel, recipients, and content of the communication; and (iii) if you receive a Gift as part of a meal plan or similar program organized by a User, the User may disclose some personal information about you to participants in the program with your consent. We do not sell or share the personal information of Non-Users as defined under applicable data protection and privacy laws. For more information on the processing of Non-User personal information, please see below.


E1. Categories of Personal Information Collected and Disclosed to Third Parties.


- Contact information: first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

- Preferences for products, goods, and/or other items: food preferences, etc.

- Order/transaction history

- Activity or actions in connection with a referral program (as applicable)

- Technical information: IP address, device identifier, browser type, device type, etc. (as applicable)

- Online activity: browsing history, websites/web pages/web content viewed or interacted with, etc. (as applicable)

- Communications data: date, time, nature, content, sender, and recipients of communications, etc.


E2. Categories of Sources of Personal Information.


- User: When a Gift is organized or ordered, or when a Referral is set up using Weeklyeat's platforms or systems to transmit the message

- Non-User recipient of order: when they interact or communicate with Weeklyeat about an order

- Device, system, browser: when accessing, using, or interacting with our platform(s) through the use of cookies and similar technologies


E3. Purposes or Uses of Personal Information.


- Creating, facilitating, and delivering an order, including communicating with Merchants and arranging for delivery through a Weeklyeat driver

- Facilitating and administering communication and interaction with you

- Operating our platforms and Services, including debugging, research, and development

- Assisting a User in generating and transmitting a link for a Referral Program

- Engaging in marketing and advertising activities using cookies and similar technologies

- Complying with legal and regulatory requirements

- Protecting the interests, persons, and property of Weeklyeat, you, and others

- Monitoring, investigating, preventing, mitigating, and remediating prohibited activities

- Ensuring compliance with our internal terms, policies, and agreements

- Creating, enhancing, and improving our Services and business activities

- Handling inquiries, complaints, and requests

- Exercising our rights and defending against claims

- Protecting and enhancing the security of our systems, platforms, and Services


E4. Categories of Third Parties Who May Receive Personal Information.


- Weeklyeat's group of companies

- User(s) who set up the Gift or Referral (as applicable)

- Third parties that help us establish and administer our relationship with you and perform and deliver the Services, including Merchants and Weeklyeat drivers

- Third parties to whom we have a duty or obligation or are permitted to disclose your personal information by law, such as government agencies, law enforcement, and courts

- Professional service organizations, such as legal professionals, accountants, auditors, and security professionals, to protect the rights and interests of Weeklyeat, our personnel, you, Users, platforms, and Services, and other individuals or parties

- Any person or party to whom you direct or consent to us disclosing your personal information

- Third parties in the event of a sale, merger, acquisition, restructure, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of our business, assets, or stock, where your personal information may be disclosed to prospective buyers, sellers, advisers, or partners and maybe a transferred asset in a business sale


F. Cookies and Similar Technologies.


We utilize cookies, web beacons, pixels, session replay/screen capture, and similar technologies to collect information and personalize your experience with our Services. Session replay technology may collect real-time information on how you use and navigate the Services, including mouse movements and scrolling. We do not collect keystroke data. Additional information on other technologies we may use is provided below.


F1. Cookies


Cookies are small web files that a site or provider transfers to your device's hard drive through your web browser, enabling the site or provider to recognize your browser and remember certain information.


F2. How We Use Cookies:


- Ensuring proper functionality of our Services

- Improving our Services

- Recognizing you upon your return to our platforms and remembering the information you have provided, such as items in your order cart

- Collecting information about your activities to deliver content and advertising tailored to your interests

- Providing a secure browsing experience during your use of our Services


F3. How to Manage Cookies:


You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may limit your ability to fully experience the interactive features of our Services. For more information on cookies and how to disable them, visit or


F4. Web Beacons


Web beacons, also known as web bugs, pixel tags, or clear GIFs, are tiny graphics with a unique identifier that may be included on our platforms to communicate with cookies, track and measure platform performance, monitor web visitor numbers, and assess the effectiveness of our advertising. Unlike cookies, web beacons are typically embedded invisibly on web pages or in emails.


F5. Online Analytics and Advertising Technologies


We and our third-party vendors may use automated technologies, including cookie identifiers, to tailor ads or deliver content when you are on our Services or other devices, apps, or websites.


F6. Targeted Advertising


We (or our service providers) may utilize the data we gather, such as IP addresses and unique identifiers for mobile devices, to locate or attempt to locate the same distinct users across multiple browsers or devices (such as smartphones, tablets, or computers) or collaborate with providers who specialize in this, with the purpose of customizing content and features to provide you with a seamless experience across different devices. If you prefer to opt out of this type of cross-device tracking for interest-based advertising, you can do so by adjusting your device settings. Cross-device tracking may also assist in identifying our users and delivering advertising. This form of advertising is often referred to as "interest-based" or "personalized" advertising, and when it occurs on mobile apps, it is known as "cross-app" advertising.


For more information on interest-based advertising and to opt out of receiving tailored advertisements, you can visit either (i) the Consumer Opt-Out link provided by the Network Advertising Initiative or (ii) the Consumer Opt-Out link provided by the Digital Advertising Alliance. To opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising or customize Google display network ads, you can visit the Google Ads Settings page. Please note that these links are provided for convenience purposes only, and Weeklyeat assumes no responsibility for the compliance practices and programs of the companies managing the opt-out processes available through the provided links.


F7. Mobile Applications


Depending on the permissions you have granted, we may receive your personal information from your Internet service and mobile device providers. If you are a user of mobile devices and wish to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising, you have several options. To learn more about your choices for mobile devices, you can visit Each operating system (e.g., iOS for Apple phones, Android for Android devices, etc.) provides its own instructions on how to prevent the delivery of tailored in-application advertisements. Please consult your device or system settings to determine how you can opt out of using your device ID for personalized advertising across different apps.


G. Security


Weeklyeat has implemented administrative, organizational, technical, and physical security measures designed to protect personal information. However, it is important to note that no online activity can ever be completely secure or error-free. While we strive to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee absolute security. Please be mindful of this when disclosing any information to Weeklyeat.


Please remember that protecting your personal information is also your responsibility. We strongly encourage you to take precautions to protect your information when using the Internet or communicating with us and others online. It is advisable to regularly change your passwords, use a combination of letters and numbers, and ensure you are using a secure browser. If you believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure or if you suspect unauthorized use of your account, please notify us immediately by contacting us as specified in Section M (Contact Us) of this Policy.


H. Data Retention


The retention period for your personal information may vary depending on our relationship with you (e.g., User, Non-Driver Independent Contractor, etc.) or, as applicable, the company or business you are associated with (e.g., Merchant Personnel and Service Provider Personnel, etc.), and is determined by several factors, including but not limited to:


- The duration necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collected the personal information

- Termination of your relationship with us or the company/business you are affiliated with

- The reasonable period for retaining records to demonstrate fulfillment of our business and legal obligations and contractual commitments (where applicable)

- Limitation periods for potential claims

- Retention periods prescribed by law, regulators, professional bodies, or associations

- The existence of any relevant legal proceedings


I. Third-Party Sites


Certain functionality may be provided by third parties, and Weeklyeat is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these third parties. The Services may also include links to other third-party websites that are not controlled by Weeklyeat. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the privacy policies and practices of any third party before providing personal information to them or using their websites.


J. Children's Information


J1. Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 16, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 16. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under 16 and believe that they have disclosed personal information to us, please contact us at As a parent or guardian, you have the right to review the personal information of your child under 16 and request its deletion. We advise parents or guardians to closely monitor their child's use of User accounts to ensure appropriate usage.


J2. In our business-to-business relationships, we do not knowingly process any personal information related to children.


J3. If we become aware that we have collected personal information associated with a minor under the age of 16, we will delete that information promptly.

K. Additional data


K1. Push Notifications. In the notifications section of the account page on our mobile platforms/apps, you can customize your preferences for push notifications regarding order updates, store offers, Weeklyeat offers, recommendations, reminders, and product updates and news. Please be aware that disabling notifications may affect the functionality of our Services, platforms, and the relationship between you and us.


K2. Location Access. You have the option to restrict, limit, or disable our access to your location through your device settings. Please note that if you choose to limit or disable location tracking, it may impact your use of the Services and our ability to provide delivery services.


K3. Cookie Tracking. For information about our use of cookies and similar technologies, please refer to Section F (Cookies and Similar Technologies) of this Policy.


K4. Ad Personalization. To customize your preferences regarding our personalized advertising activities on third-party platforms (e.g., websites and apps), please visit the marketing choices in the privacy section of your User account. You can toggle the switch to disable or enable ad personalization.


L. Updates to this Policy


This Policy may be updated periodically, with or without prior notice. We recommend reviewing this Policy regularly. If changes are made to this Policy, we will determine whether notice is required, and if so, we will provide appropriate notice based on the nature of the changes. By continuing to use our Services after any updates to this Policy, you indicate your agreement and acceptance of the updated Policy. If you disagree with the changes, your only recourse is to discontinue using the Services.


M. Our Contact
1717 N St NW, Suite 1, Washington DC, 20036